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When The West Hollywood Library was erected, Moca Director, Jeffrey Deitch was intrigued by it’s large white exterior walls. Although the buildings original design called for blank walls, these eventually became the canvases for three prominent street artists. The featured artist, Shepard Fairey, took careful consideration when choosing his subject, “The core values of West Hollywood were something I did research on. I wanted the work to be appropriate for the philosophy of the city. Peace, freedom, creativity, tolerance. I might be paraphrasing slightly, were all general ideas that came up. So I decided that peace would be a big theme of the mural that I did inside and I carried that to what I did outside. An elephant holding a flower is a pro-peace image.” The mural is 70×106′ and was the largest Shepard Fairey had done at the time. Free of Charge.


    West Hollywood, CA
    N Robertson Blvd / Melrose Ave