Apexer and DJ Neff Blast Santa Monica Blvd April 25, 2018 – Posted in: Apexir – Tags: ,

I’ve never wanted a Nissan so badly. This wall collaboration by graphic designer, DJ Neff and street artist, Apexer was created as part of a nationwide Nissan campaign. Ads were blown up and stretched around buildings, 6 stories high across the city. The Apexer, A.K.A. Ricardo Richey, is based out of San Francisco, CA, and is well-known for his colorful abstract patterns with spray paint. His works are recognized throughout the Bay Area and beyond. DJ Neff’s is located out of Mar Vista, CA and has an extensive background in design and advertising. His common works include murals, graphic design, illustrations, painting, commercial work and more.


    Hollywood, CA
    Santa Monica Blvd / Las Palmas